Amusing Written Worship

Dec 18, by

I used to regularly feature some of My favorite 5 star feedback on My private blog, but haven't done so in quite some time.  Tonight I decided to scroll through some of My written feedback to pick out the reviews that amuse and please Me the most.  Here a several reviews that speak volumes about My beauty, charisma, style, skill and undeniable addictiveness. 😈 "Having her tell us how much better she is than us is an honor. I haven't even gotten the nerve to call her yet and am realizing she already has assumed full control over me...and I am loving every minute of it." "It is a privilege to be allowed to give Princess Adrian my money...she deserves it more than I do." "Don't try to resist her, she will always get what she wants from you and me. It is OK, it is our life. Serving, pleasing and obeying her is what counts!!" "Inspiring!" "If you want a life, then serve Princess Adrian. She will teach you the true meaning of life." "Thank You Princess for allowing me to worship You and pay You. Perfect ass, Perfect pits and Perfect Princess to use and drain Her slave." "Make her powerful greedy ass rich like she deserves. Give her everything you have so she can be even more confident, bratty and arrogant...and more spoiled rotten." "WOW!!! So #$$## hot!!!!" "What can i possibly say about Princess Adrian? She is just awesome. She told i'd fall in love with Her - She was right. She told me She would make me addicted - She was right. Awesome. She owns me." "I just give Princess what she deserves, 5 star feedback and my money" "Beyond Perfect, that is what Princess Adrian is. Worship her for 30 days straight and she will change your life." Good boys 😆 Have you shown your devotion to Me by leaving fabulous feedback?  Have you personally thanked Me for gracing you with the extraordinary experience that is Princess Adrian?  Hypnotic, life-altering, creative conversation.  Intelligent, personalized, erotic domination.  Unique, magnificent, cock teasing visual & mental stimulation.  Whether you write My praises like the examples above or just leave 5 stars on your calls and emails, you will show your appreciation to Me & show others your excellent choice in serving Me. Good little Adrian addicts, junkies & devotees click here to leave Me glowing feedback now! Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454

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