Birthday Vacay, Gift Updates & New Pic Sets

Mar 28, by

Hello boys & girls, it's been almost two weeks since I got back from My birthday trip to FL and now I'm finally back in work mode. 😉 I had a great time with the small group of girls I went with, even though there was way too much drama and not nearly enough sun!  I posted some pics on twitter and here are a few more. When I got back home, I had a bunch of birthday gifts waiting for Me.  I already posted some of the birthday gifts I received before I left, the pre-birthday gifts that arrived before My actual birthday.  This new batch of gifts are just as great! These gifts, along with some much needed closet organizing supplies, are from psl david (pitsniffer), adam, kevin, nathan (bb), sissy belinda (sb), thomas, steven j, cucky peter, and a queer boy.   Such good boys for Princess Adrian! I have a load of boxes waiting for Me in My mailbox, My final birthday gifts before the month ends.  It's not too late to send Me something before My birthday month ends, you can shop My wishlist and send next day or 2 day shipping and you can send Me gift cards and cash so I can shop Myself. I released some new pic sets in the past few weeks and I've got a new PTV I'll be releasing later tonight.  Here are My latest released photos

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