Blackmail? Sugar Daddy? Money Slavery? ::: PROVE you are WORTHY!

Jul 14, by

If you haven't yet realized that I am a creative, charismatic, cunning and unique Alpha female,'re not very bright.  I have been playing by My own rules My entire life, and building My online presence on Niteflirt & the world wide web was no exception.   I like to do things in a way that maximize profits and minimize hassle.  I like to keep My ideas and concepts as closely guarded as I can.  I have had so many so-called intelligent women rip off everything from My pay email concepts and descriptions to the text I have on My website and Niteflirt listings, word for word!  I don't even offer that much text on My site or listings, and it still gets plagiarized, pilfered and third rate ripped off.  But I digress... As I said, I want to maximize profits and minimize hassle, which is a key reason why I never offered any specialized services to the general public.  I get dozens of emails per week from new or potential customers asking for an ownership application, a blackmail application or an enslavement application of some kind.  I even have a few losers who copy and paste ownership contracts in emails to Me, without the slightest mention of sending tribute or paying for My time or attention.  Needless to say, those requests and emails get ignored. A few days ago I shot some video and photos for a pay piggy PPV, but as I was editing the clips, I got another brilliant idea.  That brilliant idea spawned a few other brilliant ideas, and what you see below are three of them. EARN the right to be My Human ATM This is something special for all of you boys who beg for financial abuse in the form of blackmail and money slavery.  Particularly for those who constantly beg without stepping up financially as they should.  Calling Me for three minutes, frantically jerking your dick and asking Me to blackmail you or make you My sugar daddy doesn't inspire Me to give you that kind of personal attention.  Nor should it. However, by completing one or all three of My new PPVs, you can prove to Me that you're worthy of at least of a little of My time & attention. 😈 It will also give Me an idea of whether or not you're serious about taking your submissive relationship with Me to the next level.

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