Blonde Goddess Worship Webcam & Birthday Tributes

Apr 6, by

Hey boys, if you missed sending tributes, gift cards and cash for My birthday last month - March 9th - get your fucking ass on it NOW!!!  I will be updating My wishlist for spring and summer items I want as well, so make sure you SHOP for ME!!   I unfortunately caught a cold the week of My birthday and didn't get to party as hard as I wanted to, but I still had a great one!  I am VERY disappointed in a couple of previously well behaved paypiggies who totally slacked this year, but I am certain they will make it up to Me...if they know what's good for them 😈  However, their slack was countered by so many other adoring addicts who sent amazon gift cards, Niteflirt and online tributes through out the month of March for My birthday.  I'm heading out for some hump day fun soon, but I'll post screen shots of some of My birthday cash haul later tonight in this same post below. My sexy spoiled ass collected over $8000 in cash, Niteflirt tributes and gift cards!! Happy Birthday to ME!!! Another exciting announcement for you boys who have inquired about webcam sessions.  As most of you know by now, I reserve anything 'custom' for only a select group of clients.  Until you've spent well with Me and shown Me you are serious about serving Me, you will not receive the privilege of custom photos, custom audio recordings, custom fetish clips or custom cam shows.  The way you CAN earn these spectacular Goddess goodies is by spending BIG on calls, games, clips and pics that I make available for everyone to worship.  The boys fortunate enough to have earned these wallet rape and Goddess worship cam sessions have spent THOUSANDS during those cam sessions, which is exactly as I prefer it. :mrgreen: Well the fabulous news today is that I'm bringing back My Goddess Worship ignore webcam lines on Niteflirt for everyone to enjoy.  The rate for My ignore Goddess cam worship sessions will be $4.99/minute minimum and you must call Me through My Niteflirt webcam listings - this means DO NOT email Me for cam only, just mute your damn phone if you're sneaking 😮 😳   Depending on My mood and My chosen outfit for the night, you'll get a cock-addicting array of ass fetish, boot fetish, leg fetish, foot fetish, hair fetish cam worship sessions.  I won't actually ignore you the entire time, similar to My phone only ignore calls, but what I DO say to you will be humiliating, heart breaking and will keep you craving MORE of My wicked humiliation.  Once you've reached the level of addiction that I expect you to, you won't blink at paying so much more for a cam session personalized just for you and your fetishes. Follow @PrincessAdrian on twitter or email Me on Niteflirt to know when I'll be available to worship live. Purchase My yahoo and skype IDs first before you call for cam. Time for some martinis and tapas, toddles addicts! Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454