Brand New Bikini Domme Pics, Clips and Wallet Rape Seduction

Sep 30, by

Hey boys, I'm still working on My website revamp and new PPV store, all while creating new PPVs and raping your wallets on phone calls and email sessions.  And speaking of raping wallets, this summer I've had quite a bit of fun raping the wallet of one of My owned little addicts, pansy.

I've had some sessions with pansy over the past few months that I had intended to blog about, but never got around to.  One particular financial domination session resulted in a $1700 wallet rape ($1700 My cut, he spent even more!) in just a couple hours.  pansy has already spent loads of cash on Me over the years and in between smaller click and pay sessions, we do a big wallet rape.  he was behind on his scheduled wallet rape so I sent him a series of pay mails with short custom clips & photos to convey My disdain at his disobedience.  The first few clips were $200 a pop, which he paid for but did not follow through on.

A little bit later I made him the final email to lure him in to his overdue rape session.  This email cost him $450...and 20 minutes later he was trapped in My greedy little spell!  Well today during a PPV session with another slave, I came across this clip and had an awesome idea.  Since I never got around to posting the screenshot, I decided to include it into a pay mail to make more money off you losers who dream of being raped by Me!  This PPV has the video clip message & photos I sent him along with the screenshot of his PPV session.

Sexy custom tease clip enticing My pay slave with My juicy round greedy ASS!

Next up is My new Updates & Bikini Tease clip since My updates clip from a couple years ago sold so well and still does to this date.  The clip is high def and I also shot some high def images on My digital camera for you to worship.

Cute little cock teasing video of your Alpha Princess in a sexy designer bikini, showing off My assets.  Something to keep you drooling while your wait for My amazing web design updates

3 Yummy pics in My tight designer bikini - that really makes My juicy ass POP!  Click, pay, WORSHIP My Ass!

I'll be making a quick trip out of town this weekend but I will be online tonight to do PPV sessions and calls. I may have a playtoy over tonight as well, so if I do, you may get lucky enough to call and listen 😉 Smooches losers! Kisses, Princess Adrian

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