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Naturally, the best way to get your Princess Adrian fix is by calling Me.  I know once you hear My sexy, intoxicating voice, you'll understand the power I have over men.  You will crave to hear My voice everyday and you'll do whatever it takes to hear Me say 'good boy' followed by My delectable little *giggle*.

I am an Alpha female who does not switch, nor do I accept slave behavior of topping from the bottom.  I enjoy and excel at most fetish topics including addiction, ass worship, BDSM, bisexuality, blackmail, bondage, brainwashing, CFNM, chastity, cock control, crossdressing, cuckolding, cum eating, denial, feminization, financial domination, forced masturbation, forced faggotry, foot worship, group sex/gangbanging, giantess, humiliation, hypnosis, intoxication, JOI, leg worship, mind control, money slavery, orgasm control...just to name a few.

Call Me Through Niteflirt
Niteflirt is My primary phone site and My listings are below

The call buttons below are billed through  Niteflirt accepts Visa and MasterCard credit, debit and prepaid cards.  Charges appear discretely as 'NF Services'.  

New customers click here to sign up now and get three free minutes with Me.  Niteflirt currently only accepts US telephone numbers, so click here for international caller options. My average call rates average around $3.69 per minute, but are sometimes higher depending on My mood, the day and time.  Some of My lines have a permanent higher per minute rate so be sure to check which listing you're calling on My Niteflirt homepage to see what I offer. I am generally available most weekday evenings & nights, some weekends.

Click the call buttons below or use My extension numbers to dial directly.  Anytime the buttons show 'Call Now' I am available to use you.  Usually when it's late at night, I only have a few lines open and you will be paying more for My attention.

*** If you're a little pussyboy wimp who is too afraid to call Me or if I'm not around, you can visit My PPV store for email humiliation and teaser packages. ***
You know you can't resist Me, so pick up the phone and CALL ME NOW!

I control your life, cock, cash & cum!
~ you CAN'T resist!
1-800-863-7854, ext 0880454
Worshiping My ass, kissing My ass, cleaning My ass, spoiling My ass - it's all you can think about.  Thoughts of being My owned, addicted little bitchboy consumes you, which is exactly the way I want it.  It's always all about Adrian, so ADORE Me or fuck off.

I use men, I break hearts...come fall in LOVE & LUST
Ready to play MY game?
1-800-863-7854, ext 0880461
If you wanna play with this Princess, be prepared to get used, humiliated and get your feelings hurt.  As your addiction to Me grows, so will My demands & trust Me, I WON'T show mercy!  I will control your cock, your cum & your cash...because I can!

Forced Intox, Evil Mindfucking &
Drunken Wallet Raping
1-800-863-7854, ext 0880464
Do you like to drink until you're defenseless and stupid?  Or a merciless forced intox session?  Are you a sucker for a beautiful woman who will use that against you?  Call Me on this line to get fucked over!  I'll be your most addictive vice!

Fall Victim to My Vicious Greed

1-800-863-7854, ext 0880459
Oh yes, I will fuck you over without question.  I want you so addicted to Me that you eagerly spend your entire paycheck while I laugh all the way to the bank.  Better think of something to tell the wife & the bill collectors because your cash is MINE!

Bratty Domme Sugar Baby Experience
1-800-863-7854, ext 01829377
Giving you an amazing GFE (girlfriend experience) with a sadistic little twist. 😈   See, I can't pretend that I'm impressed by your mundane life, your lame hobbies or your micro sized cock.  What I can do is allow you to spoil Me while I pretend that maybe one day, you'll earn a shot to be one of My favorite Sugar Daddies

IGNORING your dumb ass like you DON'T EVEN EXIST!
1-800-863-7854, ext 01465928
Some people may wonder why anyone would be interested in a line like this.  But every loser who was constantly ignored by the girl of his dreams can understand it.  No matter how much you spend or how much you beg, I won't even look your way loser!  (And you'll pay even more to be ignored while I'm sleeping!)

Goddess Worship Webcam Ignore Line
1-800-863-7854, ext 10966353
Similar to My phone only ignore line, except that you get to see Me on webcam as I ignore you!  I may focus the cam on My luscious long legs in boots, may focus it on My ruby red lips and cleavage, may turn around and make you stare at My ass while I flip you off and laugh.  Whatever I choose to do, it's a fucking privilege loser and you will LOVE it!

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