Celebrate My Birthday with Liquid Latex Ass Worship

Mar 9, by

It's My birthday and of course I expect some BIG tributes and generous gifts from all of My adoring alpha pets and Adrian obsessed minions.  One of My favorite Adrian addicts, david, aka pitsniffer, was the first to message Me on yahoo to wish Me a Happy Birthday at midnight.  I was out with My friends having a few drinks, so he waited patiently for Me to get home and log in.  he called to hear My intoxicating voice, to tell Me how much he loved Me, and he dutifully continued his tribute training by sending Me a $600 tribute.  he's paid Me thousands and thousands of dollars over the years that he's served Me, but I know that sending Me tributes, submitting to pure financial domination, with nothing in return, makes his dick so fucking hard. 😉 So late last night, david's call and tribute, immediately followed by a forced intoxication call had Me clearing $1500 in just under two hours.  That was a great start to My special day and I know you boys will keep showering Me with cash all weekend long.  I will be taking calls today and throughout the week, however I'll be in Florida with friends so I won't be available as much online for pay mail sessions while I'm gone.   I did a quick but sexy photo shoot in some new liquid latex capri pants I got off My wishlist.  Those awesome photos and bratty SPEND-CENTIVE video clip just happen to be the eye candy I'm featuring in My updated private wishlist ppv.  I've updated this pay mail from the original I released in December, replacing the content and of course added new items on My list.  If you haven't yet purchased My private wishlist email, you will LOVE the new pics & clip inside.  I look so fucking irresistible in a corset & skin tight capris, demanding that you shop for My birthday & spend your cash on My perfect ass!!   Spoil Me for My birthday all month long! null

Get access to My Private Amazon Wishlist, watch a bratty NEW video clip of Me demanding cash & gifts in a corset & shiny gold liquid latex capris and worship 5 amazing ASS addiction photos & POV shots. 

I also released some new eye candy earlier this week that you will absolutely adore. Seductive worship shots in mini dress & pumps, to tease the fuck out of all My ass addicts & leg lovers & Adrian junkies - 3 HD 1800 pixel photos 6 HD images of My yummy, cock-addicting curves in a tight mini dress & stockings - 1200 pixel images embedded & zipped Skin tight royal purple mini dress, black stocking and heels all beautifully accentuate My lush, feminine, hypnotic curves. - 6 HD images embedded & zipped Now get online and show Me some appreciation for all of the beauty I bring to your otherwise sad little world.  I want PPVs clicked & paid, tributes sent, gift cards emailed and My wishlist shopped, NOW! Good boys... Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454