Devious Rules for Serving the Alpha Princess

Jul 25, by

When you serve Princess Adrian you not only get the privilege of serving a gorgeous, dominant, real life Alpha Goddess, you get to experience the wickedly cruel, crafty and cunning commandments I require of My slaves.  Once you have proven yourself worthy to be My property, My pet, I tailor a personalized set of rules that keep you enslaved and addicted to Me. However, before you can become My property, My pet, My addicted little slaveboy, you must follow the basic rules outlined in the videos below. Yes, these rules are demanding, devious, cold and calculating, but they will perfectly train you and easily mold you into the ideal slave for the perfect Alpha Princess!

Still too much of a pussy to call Me? Watch this effective encouragement clip, listen to My words & stare at My curves as I taunt you in a tight red dress, letting you know that I know what you are and what you need to do, you scared little pussyboy....

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