Forced Intox & Raise the Rate Game

Oct 13, by

Who's ready to get FUCKED UP & FUCKED OVER by The Alpha Goddess??

Last night I did a Raise the Rate & Forced Intoxication session with one of My hopelessly addicted losers.

We had an amazing session and I made him drink until he literally passed out.  Of course, I also made him pre-load his account with over $2500 that I drained by raising the rate all the way to the max of $50 per minute.  Fun fun!!


This new Forced Intox & Raise the Rate game will be just as fun for you as raping your wallet will be for Me.  This unique, multi-media game features brand new HD photos and video clips & webcam clips, as well as instructions to get you started and make sure that you're in a drained, drunken stupor by the time I'm finished with you. Forced intoxication and financial domination at it's funnest and finest!


This drinking game won't cost you as much as the live drinking game cost the passed out loser, but it will train you and build your tolerance so that you can handle a forced intox session with Me.

If you're bold enough to accept the challenge, call My Forced Intox line AFTER you're completed this game *wink*

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