Gorgeous Greedy Goddess Updates & Montage

Sep 28, by

Hello boys, I've been busy working on the amazing PPV games I've recently released as well as some brand new stuff coming very soon.  After My fabulous vacation, I took another couple of weeks off to have fun with the new BBC in My life.  I've been on a sex high for a few weeks now and even though we're still having a blast (ask pitsniffer, he's called a few times during our play and got to listen in :twisted:), it was time for Me to get back to work!  I know you all have missed Me, I can tell by how quickly you're snatching up anything new I put out for your viewing pleasure. 😉 Now that I'm back in "work mode", you will notice that I'm taking calls at lower rates now.  I will experiment with rates ranging from $2.99 per minute to $6.99 per minute depending on what I'm doing and My availability.  I'll be out tonight so My rates will be higher. I'm finishing up a new multi media game that I hope to release tomorrow evening, but if I get too buzzed tonight, if may wait till next week.  In the mean time, you can click and pay My new games to your heart's content & your wallet's depletion.  My Juicy Jerk & Pay game is a multi-media cock control and bikini tease game, featuring brand new HD video clips.  My PAY, ACHE & BEG training game is a bikini game with animated captions that keep you aching and begging for more abuse and control. Below is a new video clip montage I sent out this week, with gorgeous new photos & video clip of your Alpha Goddess. Brand new HD video clip montage and photos of the Gorgeous Greedy Goddess of your dreams! Make no mistake about it...your money is already MINE! Greedy Goddess Ok that's all for now, I'm about to go out and play with some real men while dorks sit at home, obsessing over Me and spending thousands on the Gorgeous Greedy Goddess you can NEVER have 😈 Later loooozers!! Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454