Holiday Spend-centive & puppy’s GC spree

Dec 15, by

Christmas is just around the corner.  Have you spoiled your Alpha Princess yet?? I love when you boys get into the holiday spirit and show Me your devotion by opening your wallets wide.  I've already gotten some great gift cards and tributes for Christmas, and this new holiday 'spendcentive' teaser will definitely get you in the spending mood. I may do another holiday shoot before Christmas, depending on My schedule and on how well you boys spend. If you're really jonesing for more seasonal festiveness, here are My Christmas ppvs from seasons past.

Glam Holiday Candids

Spoiled Santa Baby Combo 1

Sexy Pink Santa Baby Combo

Spoiled Santa Baby Combo 2

In other Adrian addiction news... Over the past two weeks I've been teasing cash out of a long addicted loser.  I've blogged about him numerous times before, posted some of his humiliating cam shots and gift card screen shots.  he's been a little shy as of late and begged Me not to use his name when I posted his gift card screen shots.  Sometimes he's a weirdo like that, but whatever.  So we've been playing on yahoo and Niteflirt and in addition to calls and ppvs, he loves to send Me amazon gift cards.  And of course, I LOVES to take them ๐Ÿ˜‰ This loser, I'll call him puppy, likes to do big spending sessions over a few weeks time span before taking a break to recoup his loses and purge his debilitating Italian Catholic guilt ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† I've already taken thousands and thousands of dollars from him in amazon gift cards alone, and just last night he sent Me $600.  Add this to the $700 he's already given Me since the beginning of the month and I've got a nice little haul from puppy alone.  Here are some of the screen shots of the $1300 he's shelled out during two sessions in two weeks.  (the rest are in private blog) Click to see gift card screen shot      Click to see gift card screen shot      Click to see gift card screen shot Don't just drool over what another loser has spoiled Me with.  Do your part in spoiling Niteflirt's most addicting Princess.  Click the links below to keep My amazon & Niteflirt accounts as fat as the cock you wish you had!

Buy Me Gifts Cards

Send Me Tributes

I'll be on taking calls later tonight with My regular rates.  you may even see a lower promotional holiday rate a few hours one night, so be sure to add My main two listings to your favorites so you can see when I'm on and if I'm running a promo rate. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Add these to your favorites Adore, Crave Worship Princess Adrian Fall in LUST & LOVE with Princess Adrian Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454