Humiliation call costs a loser $500 and his dignity!

Oct 22, by

Not that he really had much more than a sliver of it to begin with! null This loser cumbucket calls Me late Wednesday night, high off his faggot ass and fresh from a gay gangbang.  So he says.  It was our first call and he immediately purchased My blog access and begged Me to post pictures of him on it.  I allowed him to get on web cam for Me because he wanted to perform and humiliate himself for My amusement.  Usually I don't bother with a loser's 'watch me on cam Princess!' request so late at night/early in the morning, but something about this fuckwad made Me reconsider. So once we connected on My yahoo messenger, I see this fugly, lame cock clown with big nipples and a hard cock.  he's lying in bed playing with himself, whining about how he's covered in dried up fag semen (among other fluids ) and how no girls are ever interested in him.  Well duh loser, that's so obvious.   So the fagster then proceeds to lean into his camera so that I could have a crystal clear view of not only his face, but of his cock sucking talents.  Who's cock did he suck?, you may ask.  Well little addicts, this will make a lot of you cockless wonders totally jealous...he can suck his OWN cock! 😆 Seriously he leaned in and sucked the head like a lollipop.  I've watched losers jump through hoops to entertain Me hundreds of times, from cum whipping on cam, dildo fucking on cam, cock & ball torture on cam, sessions with craig's list hookers on cam, shoot their own loads into their mouths on cam.  But this was the first time I watched a loser suck his own cock on cam, because usually their cocks are too short or their stomachs are too fat to reach! I kept him on the line, constantly berating him for being such a pathetic pussy denied excuse of a loser.  he cried and pleaded for Me to brainwash him, expose him and financially abuse him.  he stroked and sucked his own cock while I snapped away, taking about 25 screen shots whenever his yahoo cam wasn't frozen.  I don't like to junk up My pretty themes with gross photos of fags and lame-os abusing their penises, but I will post a few shots of this loser since he paid Me $500 to do so. null null Wanna see more of this fagboy, fagboy? Click and pay for more webcam shots and a self faggotry cock-sucking animation

Ok, I'm off to play with a REAL man tonight, someone who can actually get and satisfy My perfectly amazing Princess pussy!  If you're a cuckold just drooling over the thought of Me out with a superior Alpha male with a big dick, click here to pay for our night out!

And lastly for the night, I've updated My weekly worship photo, click below to add to your collection

Kisses, Princess Adrian

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