A Few Basic Questions & Answers

How can I learn more about You?

You can view My niteflirt listings - Princess Adrian - to get an idea of what services I offer.  Calling Me is the best way to find out anything you want to know.  I also have a member's area, a yahoo group and a web journal, all of which give you an inside view & more addicting information.

Can I buy things from You?

Yes, I offer photo sets, assignments & video teaser packages, custom photos, custom videos and custom audio recordings.  These items are currently sold only through  However, custom items are reserved for customers only, so don't message Me begging for pics if you've never called Me or purchased anything from Me before.

Can I see nude photos of You?

No.  Never.  Ever.  As if you could pay enough to ever be worthy of seeing My bare ass or pussy!  If you're really craving to see some skin buy some of My panty tease pics or call My Sugarbaby Experience line and I'll surf for porn with you online :wink:.

Do You have a boyfriend?

Yes I have a few BDBTs (big dicked boytoys) at My disposal, and couple cuckolding calls, MP3s or photos (non nude) can be arranged.

Can I send you gifts?

Yes.  Click here for My Amazon Wishlist or go to My Sacrifice page for more wishlist & gift options.  Photos of gifts I've received & My gift mailing address can be found in My member's area.

Can I purchase your Yahoo or Skype ID?

Of course you can.  I will only accept your add request if you follow the rules in the pay to view email with My ID. Click here for My Yahoo & Skype IDs, and if you've previous purchased this email but don't have My new Skype ID, you can email Me on Niteflirt.  Click here for personalized pay to view email sessions with Me through Niteflirt.

Can I see you on webcam?

Yes.  Domination webcam sessions are by appointment only and are reserved for My established customers in good standing.  If you're not certain that you are in good standing you probably aren't!  I am again offering Goddess Worship ignore webcam sessions through Niteflirt only, and you must call the listing per their rules.  you may call to worship My cleavage, legs, heels, ass, lips, whatever I choose to taunt you with while I laugh at and humiliate you for My own amusement.

Any other questions can be emailed to Me here:


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