International Calling Instructions for Niteflirt

====> Good news, Niteflirt now accepts International calls from the following countries: New International Call Instructions If you are calling Niteflirt from a country not listed in the link above, you will need use one of the options below: International Calls using website Call Buttons
This is when you click the call button from your computer and it rings to your phone

In order to use this option, you will need to obtain a US or Canadian telephone number though a service such as Skype or other VoIP inbound service.

Once you've obtained your number, simply add it to your Niteflirt account and you're all set to make web-initiated calls to Princess Adrian.

When you place calls, the number on your Niteflirt account will be called and the online number provider (e.g., Skype) will ring your real international telephone number.

International Calls using Niteflirt number & extension
This is when you call the 800 number directly from your international phone to connect

In order to use this option you will need to know your country code for calling the US, your Niteflirt pin number as well as My Niteflirt extension number.  When you dial Niteflirt directly this way, you will have to pay toll charges based on what long distance plan you use.

Before you dial Niteflirt's number and My extension, you will need to dial your correct country code first.  Check on to find out your correct country code when calling the United States.

For example, if you are calling from the United Kingdom you will dial:

00 + 1 + 800-863-7854

Listen to the options provided when calling in and press 3 to enter My extension which is 0880454 or press 1 to call Me from your favorites list (make sure you save Me to your favorites first)

You will then be asked for your pin number and for the telephone number associated with your account.  They may not ask for your telephone number if you are in fact calling from the telephone number that's on your account.  

See the images below for what this information will look like on the Niteflirt site.