Princess Adrian is a Lethal Weapon to your Wallet

May 31, 2013 by

I was wallet raping one of My customers a little while back and as he was clicking through the PPVs mails I sent him, he replied with the statement “Princess Adrian, you’re lethal to my wallet”.  I fucking loved it!  Not only the money I took from him but the inspiration that the email gave Me for a sizzling hot new PPV game.

Of course I’m a lethal weapon to any man’s wallet!!  I’m absolutely gorgeous, My voice is intoxicating, I have an ass is to die for, and I’ve got legs that go for miles, especially in skintight leggings and pumps.  I’m quite dangerous and men tremble when I set My sights on their bank accounts, yet they still can’t resist Me. :twisted:

I did an POV photoshoot in some tights I received off My wishlist and some cash I extracted from some loser boys :wink: and voila, I’ve got a unique, seductive & totally cash draining new PPV game for My addicts to adore.

Smoking hot new PPV game features your greedy Alpha Goddess showing off My perfect ass in candy apple red latex tights and showing off a bunch of cash.  Click & pay through sexy new HD photos and video clips as I financially fuck you over and drain your bank account.  Irresistible ass, insatiable greed, I’m there Perfect Predatory Princess and you are My victim!

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