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Jun 9, by

I've been super busy all week and this weekend will be just as hectic.  I've had so much going on and not enough hours in the day to finish my ambitious daily 'to do lists' and plans.  To make matters worse, last night I got distracted for a couple of hours by all the pretty, shiny shoes and baubles in Nordstrom's, when I just went to pick up a birthday gift for My girlfriend.  Needless to say, I didn't get all of My planned PPVs finished, but I was able to finish editing some custom fetish stuff as well as two ass worship cock teasers. I've got a new forced intoxication addict that has been calling Me to drink for about a month now.  he calls at least three times per week, already pretty fucked up when he does, usually on beer.  I make him chug more beer and I make him add whiskey or vodka shots to his drink rotations.  After he's completely FUBAR, I wake him up a bit by making him sniff poppers while he strokes to expensive pay to view emails I send him.  he's so amusing when he's stupid drunk for Me and he says the cutest things when I'm fucking his wallet.  Things like "Oh Princess, I have to take money out of my 401k", "Wow, what happened? you took all of the money." or "Ooohh God, i gonna throw up!".  Hilarious! Another loser has been making the rounds with Alpha Princess this week.  I did a couple of calls with loser jeff, the faggot piggy who sucks his own cock while I humiliate & wallet fuck him.  he was wearing his tight steel cock ring and wasn't allowed to cum during any of the calls we did.  I did, however, allow him to scribble 'loser faggot' and My name all over his forehead and chest, as you can see in the images linked below.  Normally I would embed these loser humiliation photos directly into the post, but since I'm also embedding some gorgeous new images of Myself, I didn't want his pics to blemish the page. 😉
loser fag jeff's face faggot loser marked up drunken fucktard fool cock sucking loser fag he also sucked his own cock for Me again (see right above), even though he knew his orgasm was denied.  This faggot douche bag not only sent Me humiliating and incriminating photos, he also sent his full name and contact info.  I don't even need this information to blackmail him with, he already willingly spends his cash and makes a fool of himself to worship the Alpha Femdom perfection.  After spending about $600 on the call, he begged Me to post him on My blog again and sell his information to other fags who may be interested in contacting him.  What a fucking cock troll! loser On Wednesday night I logged out of Niteflirt for a few hours so that I could play with My new Canon HD digital camera and tripod.  The images are so crystal clear, so much more vibrant and brilliant than My Fuji camera produced.  Take a look at these stunning new shots of your blue eyed heartbreaker. Alpha Princess Alpha Princess The video clips are fucking enormous and very high def as well.  I have to size them down so I can upload them to My site quickly, but even a size reduction doesn't diminish the quality.  I had only planned on shooting some armpit fetish stuff for pit sniffer and some clips for a new game.  However, all the degrading things My little Alpha pets are willing to do for My amusement gave Me the idea for a sexy 'on your knees' POV ass worship video & pic set.   The first PPV is a short sexy montage of different views of My ass as I tell you how perfect it is and how addicted you are to Me.  There are links to two different sizes of the clip in the email. 3 HD ass tease images attached too.
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My 2nd PPV is another hot ass worship set, with Me teasing you in a red, skin tight mini dress.  I even threw in a couple of 'fuck you loser' shots for all of you boys who enjoy My perfect ass and My bitchy poses.  And even though you dorks will NEVER be worthy of gazing upon My perfectly, powerful pussy, I do want to mention that I don't have any panties on under this dress oooh la la
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