New Halloween Treats Photo & Video PPV

Oct 27, by

Hi guys, I've been a sick little Princess the past couple of days, but I refuse to let My allergies spoil My holiday weekend.  I took a couple of days to rest and I feel well enough to start My Halloween fun today. 😉   
I finally decided on a super cute Halloween costume that's a sexy version of one of My favorite pastime characters.  I made a four part Halloween PPV with pics and videos for you to click and pay your way through.  

Princess Treats Halloween PPV

I won't be posting any photos of Me in My costume, so the only way to see My yummy Princess treats is to buy the PPV.
However, if you'd like to view a preview clip of My costume, click here to buy it. 

I'll be busy this weekend but there will be times you can catch Me on the phone.  Saturday night I'll be at a Halloween house party so you can call for a group humiliation session with Me and My friends

Have a safe and fun Halloween Weekend!

Kisses, Princess Adrian

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