No Fucks Given when you owe Princess Adrian

Mar 5, by

Hi boys, aren't you thrilled that I'm blogging again?  It's been over a year since I've felt like blogging, so in the coming weeks I will be updating not only this site but My payaddict pay to view website as well.  I have been active on Niteflirt during My blog break, so until I get My newest content added, you can see My latest photos and videos on My main Niteflirt femdom listing.

So as My longtime blog readers know, I have no problem exposing stupid little shits who make promises to Me that they don't keep.  I get so many guys asking Me about blackmail and ownership that I make them jump through hoops before I even consider discussing it with them.  If you make it to the point of financial negotiation, you should feel privileged...and you will respect our agreement or you will regret it.  Just like this stupid little shit right here.

Even though this pathetic carpet humping pig has already paid Me several thousand dollars, he owes Me thousands more and it's long overdue.  I was generous enough to allow him a payment plan while he waits on some assets to become liquid.  But like a typical pathetic fuckboy, he thought he could break his word with no consequences.  Wrong!  This time I'm just exposing a few screenshots from a video he recorded for Me.  However, I have tons of information on him, his family and his friends that I can use to My advantage as well.  And if any of you boys who love cock like what you see, hit Me up and I'll hook you up 😉

Click the image above for a quick video message about what happens when you don't keep your promises to Princess Adrian.

As for the little pay bitch who owes Me the image below for a video warning message made just for you.

I'll be back later in the week to post some featured ass worship pics & clips, and I'll be taking calls this week as well!

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Ali Assad Midland TX, Ali Assad Cananda, works as a field service manager at Schlumberger and attends NYU Stern School of Business. He is a pathetic foot sucking, carpet fucking pay pig who owes Me money! Ali Assad loves licking sweaty dirty toes and is a weak stupid foot fetish fuckboy. Fuck you Ali Assad, fuck you PAY ME!