Pink Narcotic Ass Worship & VDay Gift Haul

Feb 23, by

Hi boys, quick post, I've got a bunch of pics to post and a new PTV game I just released.  I shot some custom pics and a clip in a hot pink bikini set for an ass worship addict.  It looked so much better from the back because it was too tight around My was tight around My ass too but in a good way 😉 Screensaver sized HD captioned ass worship pics and scrumptiously narcotic ass worship clip to give you the ultimate Adrian ass addiction fix. I know you LOVE My ass! I know you LOVE My ass!
Play this HOT PTV game now and get even more obsessed with My yummy narcotic cakes! As a lot of you know, I went out of town for a mini trip Valentine's weekend and had soo much fun.  Did nothing but relax, eat and have sex on the first 2 days, we only left the room twice! LOL  I did venture out on Sunday & Monday for a massage & mani pedi and I posted some cute pics on twitter.  We got back Tuesday afternoon and I've been in lazy mode all week.   I finally got around to taking pics of My Valentines Day gift haul, and I got some great gifts including Casadei blue suede pumps, a pair of Giorgio Armani sunglasses, two pair of Michael Kors sunglasses, Balenciaga black caviar body scrub, a Kenneth Cole watch, Chinese Laundry Glitter stud pumps and more goodies pictured below.  The good boys who shopped for Me are cokehead kevin, sissy belinda, dave k., paypig marty and loser abram - who still owes Me a bunch of stuff he never got but who did spend over $400 on what he did get.

If you were a cheap little shit who neglected to buy Me something or tribute for Valentines Day, you need to make it up to Me.  My birthday is coming up and I celebrate for the ENTIRE month of March so get to fucking work!   I have many different price-ranged items on My wishlist so there is NO excuse!   Although pitsniffing loser david already bought Me a Michael Kors bag and some coffee, he FAILED to buy Me anything for Valentines Day, even to show a small token of his appreciation for all the 1000s of photos and 100s of armpit fetish and pit worship clips I've made for him.  he has been reprimanded and knows he owes Me even more now for My birthday. I expect ALL of you to go hard for My birthday and spend BIG! null I'll post more gift pics, including some yummy bikini shots later today. 😆

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