Popping his PPV wallet rape cherry

Dec 6, by

Do you remember your first PPV wallet rape session?  If your first time was a wallet rape session Princess Adrian style, I know it was a mixture of excitement and fear.  Excitement at all of the money you would beg Me to take from you and fear at how far over your desired limit I would force you to go 😈 If you've never done a high rate PPV session with Me, you're definitely missing out.  Reading My blog posts about all of the wallet rapings I've done, seeing the screen shots of all the damage, it can be quite intimidating, especially with a greedy Alpha Goddess like Me.  Sure, I may let you start out with a $15 or $20 PPV email, but when you beg ME to rape your wallet, that's exactly what I intend to do.  Those emails quickly jump to the high three digits in price range and they don't stop until you're in the hole. Well that's what happened with a newly acquired addict who wanted so badly to have a pay to view walletrape session with Me.  This new addict, I'll call him RP, had already spent several hundred dollars on My extensive ptv collection of photos, games, clips and audios.  he was easily hypnoteased by My newest slideshow video and audio combos.  he purchased access to My private blog and saw the screen shots of a recent PPV rape session with a pay addict I'd drained several times before.  he was primed and ready for it! Initially he was proud to announce to Me that he'd added $500 to his account for Me to take.  However, after giving it some thought he upped his balance to $700 because he knows I deserve his money more than he does.  Plus he's got no girlfriend, no fuck buddy and constantly dreams of being with a living doll like Me.  he knows he's not the alpha male that's lucky enough to date Me.  he knows he can never be with Me...but his money can! Our session started off at a nice pace for a newbie, but as we chatted on yahoo, he mentioned how close he was to cumming.  I was only a couple hundred into his $700 so I demanded that he stop stroking or even touching his cock.  Once his little boner issue was under control, we continued with the account draining.   So after the $700 he had started with was gone, I teased him into going past his limit.  It really only took one IM message to change his "I only have $9 left Princess" to "Ok, I'll add more. I added another $400, does that please you Princess?" I knew he was close to having an accident, which is why I initially took his money so quickly.  Everybody knows Princess gets her cash before you get your rocks off 😉 I told him we'd do 3 final emails, $133 each to quickly edge his cock and drain the extra $400.  Of course when I finally allowed his release, he had the most intense orgasm he's ever had, not to mention the most expensive.  Little does he know, My greed is never satisfied and I'll be taking more and more cash from him each time we do a wallet rape session.  he'll be wishing for the day that I only charged him $1100 to cum! 😉 I've posted screen shots in My private diary of our session from both My account & his account, as well a screen shot of his previous week's transactions that he emailed Me. It's a win win situation when you beg Me to drain all the cash out of your account.  Not only do you get My personal attention for the duration of the call, PPV session or chat session, you get stunning photos and video clips of Me you've never seen before.  you get a cock tease that makes your heart race and your balls ache.  And if you're lucky, you get permission to drain your aching cock and balls as I drain the last few bucks from your bank account.  That's so fucking hot! Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454