Quick Summer Update, Worship Pics & Dripping Wet Bikini Shots

Sep 8, by

So tell Me boys...how much did you miss My addicting perfection this summer?! 😉   It's been a crazy month and a half that has included a three week vacation to Jamaica, Mexico, Cali with some of My best girlfriends and a few days in VA with My family.  I had a great vacation and came back well rested and superbly tanned, only to discover that My laptop, which was only a couple years old, had bitten the dust .  I was able to back up the hard drive so I didn't lose any files and I made a handful of My pay slaves send gift cards to purchase two new laptops for Me.  I'll post pictures of the laptops along with a few other fun new gifts I received later in the week.  I will also be adding a bunch of new must have items to both My Amazon and Neiman Marcus wishlists, which I will be making public on My blogs.  That means you can shop for Me even if you don't have a Niteflirt account to access the links. One of the gifts I got in July was an amazing new dress from My little pitsniffer (who also paid $400 toward one of My new laptops) and it looks so good on Me I had to do a shoot in it.  It looks absolutely divine on My luscious body & it accents My luxurious curves so perfectly.  This new set includes 5 fabulous full size HD photos with a link inside to a bonus custom clip I recorded for one of My cuck boys. I've also updated My worship pic of the week with another hot photo from this new set. If you missed any of My recently released photo sets, you can purchase them below:
Here are a few fun bikini candid shots from labor day weekend, enjoy boys! 1-1rwbbikini 1-2rwbbikini 1-3rwbbikini 1rwbbikini

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