Shitty week, but big PPV night makes it a little better

Nov 19, by

The week started off great, I was relaxed and refreshed from a spa weekend in French Lick.  I got home Monday night and took a few calls before bed.  The next afternoon, my kitty cat that I've had for over 16 years died at the vet 🙁 and I've been absolutely devastated all week. After two & 1/2 days of tears, melancholy, and no desire to even think about working, I finally felt better Friday night and started working on some new PPV games.  I noticed a familiar PPV addict clicking through My I'm Worth It PPV so I started our usual ritual of click and pay video wallet raping.  Not only was I sending him pictures and clips in high rate PPV emails, he was clicking through My PPV store as well. Cha-Ching!! Cha-ching!! A couple hours later, I had a sweet $2200 in My Niteflirt accounts and even though I'm still in a blah mood, the wallet rape session put a smile on My face.  I've posted several screen shots of our session in My private blog.  I'm going out for drinks with the girls tonight, and I'll snap a few pics in My yummy new boots that I'll post on twitter, so be sure to follow Me so you can see them. Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454