Snobby Goddess Ass Worship Game & New PPVs

Jan 26, by

I've been busy busy busy and haven't blogged in a couple of weeks.  I've been training a very devoted addict to not only submit to wallet rape via raise the rate phone calls and high rate PPV emails, but also through high rate tributes.  he's been spoiled by Me sending him custom photos and video clips that exploit his fetish...all at high rates of course.  While these pics and clips have increased his addiction to Me to the point of no return 😈 he needs to learn that high dollar tributes - sending Me cash with nothing in return but the joy and privilege of spoiling a superior Alpha female - are an important part in his training as well.  he didn't start out as a financial domination slave but now he's a regular cash rape junkie and he get's turned on thinking about each new rape that awaits him.  The best part is...he's one of so many cash slaves that I violate on a regular basis. 😆 I've also been draining and over-drafting the accounts of several forced and coerced intox boys who don't even realize how hard I've fucked them over until they sober up the next day.  It's so fucking hilarious when I get them so fucked up that they pass out and start snoring on the phone.  I make them load up their accounts early on, so that there's plenty in there when they so radio silent, then wake up and start talking again as if all they did was blink.  I've been paid thousands of dollars just for listening to FUBAR drunken or high losers snore, and that's not including what I make when I actually speak to them! I've also been working on some new PPVs, and finished a great new PPV game late today.  I also have a new photo set and tease clip combo for sale today and if you've purchased My current Worship Pic of the Week, you'll see the yummy new outfit I'm wearing in the new set.

This combo set features 13 gorgeous HD photos of Me looking extra luscious in tights and peep toe high heel boots.  I tease you in different positions, including some sexy poses in the same position that I love to use when I fuck on the couch 😉

This brand new awesome PPV game is all about you worshipping My snobby, spoiled, superior ass while I drain & rape all of your cash.  This game includes magnificent new HD photos of Me in skin tight jeans and HD video clips with the POV of you on your knees at My ass.  Stroke and pay as I bend, carress and sway My ass into the camera, demanding your cash and intensifying your addiction to Me

I released these FAB new PPVs today and I also released a few more click and pay goodies last week that I haven't yet blogged about. Are you LOSER enough to complete all of My humiliating dares? I've taken the classic Truth or Dare game and added a fun little twist. Click the button below for complete game rules and a bratty incentive photo animation. Humiliation has never been more fun as when your Mistress DARES you to do it!

This classic but newly released photo set features photos that you will recognize from the design headers on My Niteflirt pages. Wearing a sexy lingerie mini skirt set and lace top thigh high stockings, I tease you, seduce you and captivate you with My beauty and flawless body. I don't have an official graphic button for this 3 pack PPV but I sent it out last week as well.  These three images are from an upcoming PPV series that I'm working on.  A hot little preview of the sexiness to come 😉
Teasing you with My cleavage, legs, ass & $1500 cash!
Ok pervies, I'm gonna have a few drinks and collect some more cash from you tonight. Toodles... Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454