Spectacular Casadei Pumps to Stomp all over your heart with!

Feb 7, by

If you haven't already purchased My new private wish list, you're totally missing out.   you're missing out on two bratty tease clips of Me in tight mini dresses and stockings, demanding that you shop for your Alpha Princess generously and often.   you're missing out on pages of items to choose from in every price ranges.   you're missing out on seeing the big ticket items you purchased for Me displayed proudly on My blogs.   you're missing out on exclusive custom photos or video clips of Me wearing items you bought Me.   Most importantly, you're missing out on that feeling of elation you get when you know you've made your Mistress happy.   What other reasons do you need to click, pay and SHOP for Me now!??!   I got some great stuff already and My absolute favorite things so far are My cute white Ipad mini and My spectacularly stunning Casadei pumps!  Here are some shots of a few of My favs. Wishlist Gift Wishlist Gift

Cute compact Ipad mini was finally available to ship on Amazon, so I had My pay piggy patrick snatch it up for Me. Wishlist Gift

Who doesn't need a 2nd full size Ipad? Free upgrade for Adrian!!! 😆 Wishlist Gift

Fun shiny booty shorts, look so HOT on My ass! bootybop will be the 1st to see Me in these. 😉 Wishlist Gift Wishlist Gift

Super cute sparkly black pumps...sexy, fun and chic! Wishlist Gift Wishlist Gift Wishlist Gift

My beautiful Casadei designer pumps with the killer heel.  bootybop bought these $400 pumps for Me so I could stomp all over his heart with them. I could literally kill someone with these pumps.  I see a few fetish clips in the making already. 😈 Too see shots of gifts from My old wishlist click here to get access to My private blog. Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454