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My time is valuable boys, and I know all you want is a little bit of My attention…but it will cost you. If you have any question as to why you should tribute Me, you’re on the wrong site. Cheap pricks, broke losers, freebie freaks & windowlickers don’t get far with Me, and I know all the con games you idiots try to pull. If you’re smart – or a well trained human ATM – you already know that I deserve your money more than you, so give it up. It's all about the SACRIFICE for Princess Adrian, and I am so worth it!

I also accept moneypacks, Western Union, Gift Rocket, online transfers and cash payments in the mail.  Contact Me on YIM or email if you're interested in using these methods.

Buy Gifts for your Alpha Princess
shop My wishlists generously and often!

Shop Amazon Wishlist

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I Love Gift Cards

Basic Niteflirt Tributes
you click the tribute button and hit ‘send payment’, the money deposits into My account

$25 Tribute

$50 Tribute

$100 Tribute

$250 Tribte

$400 Tribute

$600 Tribute

$750 Tribute

$999 Tribute

Send a Custom Niteflirt Tribute
you click the link below and type in a tribute amount of your choice

Designated Tributes through Niteflirt
for you wallet wankers who like to give money for a specific purpose

Pay for My Pedicure

Weekly Shopping Run

Vacation Fund

Pay for Maid Service

Bi-Weekly Spa Day

Pay for My Date Night

Here are some of My Favorite Gift Card Links:

Gucci ::: Tiffany ::: Coach ::: Bergdorf ::: BabyPhat ::: BeBe

Sephora ::: Guess ::: Adidas ::: Starbucks

Online Gift Cards
send Me online ecards from some of My favorite places to shop & or just shop My wishlists

Amazon Gift Card

Victoria's Secret Gift Card

Target Gift Card

Macy's Gift Card

Neiman Marcus Gift Card

Southwest Airlines Card

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