The TRUTH about your loser life

Jul 20, by

Hello My little addicts, minions, strokebots and pay pets.  I have been SWAMPED this week (and last) with work I'm getting done before My [drum roll please] two week mutha-fuckin, well deserved, much needed, can not fucking wait to leave vacation!!  Whoooooooo hoooooooo!   😆    I will be leaving next week and will be available at My current rate ($6.99/min) until Wednesday the 25th.  After the 25th, I'll be hiking My price to a vacation rate and will basically be off the grid for a full week and a half.  I'll have cell phone reception, but it will cost you dearly to access Me.  I'll have internet access, but probably won't use it much, definitely not for idle chit chat. 😉 Before I drop off the face of the earth for a week, I'll make sure you have plenty of brand new click & pay goodies to keep you occupied, paying, addicted and craving My glorious return.  On a side note, I have also updated My listings and pay to view graphics so you'll know more about the content inside the email.  Looking at the graphic of a particular pay to view, you'll know whether it's multi media, digital camera pics, HD camera pics, webcam clips or digital clips.  Yes, I'm so creative and awesome.  You're welcome 🙂 Now that I've upgraded My digital camera equipment, I plan to update some of My classic kits and addiction tease ppvs with new high def photo AND high def video clips. The original versions will still be available in My PPV store, because, after all, they still fucking rock! My first 2.0 version update is The Loser Truth. The truth about how lame you really are may hurt, loser, but it's so much easier to accept when the beautiful Alpha Princess is the one telling you. Not only will you get to hear Me break down the truth about your life according to Princess Adrian, you'll get to hear Me drive home that message with a very familiar, quite infamous & often imitated catchphrase that I coined 😈

Bitchy 3 minute video clip and 8 beautiful images that tease, taunt and torment you losers with the perfect boobs, legs & ass you can never have. If you haven't already purchased the original Loser Truth pic and video combo, click here to get it now. Kisses, Princess Adrian Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454