Training & Wallet Raping My pit sniffing piggybank

Jun 26, by

This post is about a week and a half late but I've been too busy to write it up.  In a recent post I told you all about this dirty, stinky lace panty that I was sending to My little paybitch pitsniffer, so he could sniff and worship it during our forced intoxication and wallet rape session.   I have been tribute training & rape prepping him for the past three months, making him click and pay each of My tribute buttons as well as submitting to several mini wallet rape sessions around $500 a pop.  I also made him a bunch of custom goodies letting him know exactly what he is good for.  he's nothing more than a perverted pitsniffing piggy bank and he knows the fucking deal 😉 psblog2 This wasn't our first big wallet rape session, and in total I've raped over $100K from him since he's been addicted to My perfect princess pits.  he did such a good job saving up money for this rape session, including cashing in some of his investments and stealing money from his bitch wife's savings account to spend on his Alpha Goddess.  he dutifully paid all of the ordered tributes during his tribute training - $100, $250, $400, $600, $750 - saving the $1000 tribute for our big rape session.  he even humiliated himself a step further by purchasing, sucking and sitting on a dildo in My honor.  Not because he's gay, not because he's a pain slut, but because he knew it would amuse Me. While he was saving up his money, I made sure to run on the hottest days so I could drench the panties in armpit sweat and sweaty pussy juice.  I sent him mp3s, pics and clips to let him know what was coming (as if he didn't already know) and to make him crave My greed even more.  I made him find a cheap tawdry hotel room to rent so I could take his cash, force him to drink, and make sniff My pits on cam without interruption.  It also added to his humiliation because he was all alone in a sleazy hotel room getting WALLET FUCKED instead of getting fucked like everyone else there. 😈 psblog1 Once he got setup in the room, he wasn't able to get on yahoo to video chat with Me so we just did raise the raise calls for about two and a half hours while I forced him to swallow copious amounts of hard liquor.  I was a little bummed that I didn't get to see him on cam, to visually witness his evolution from sober to fucked up but I could definitely hear it in his voice.  About an hour into our call, and with the rate raised to $25/min I commanded pitsniffer to pay My $1000 tribute as well as send Me a few hundred in gift cards.  he was ordered to sit on his dildo while he sniffed My dirty panties and placed them over his head to get the full funky humiliating effect.   Our initial rape agreement was around $3000 that he would spend, with a back up credit card added to his account as a cushion.  Once I raised the rate to the max of $50 per minute, he was so horny, drunk & intoxicated off My armpit/pussy scent that he easily coughed up another $800 in order to cum.  he hasn't been allowed to cum for less than $50/min in years psblog13 So for this rape call I took almost $4k from him, $3800 to be exact, and leading up to the rape I got another $2800 in tribute training (I made him pay some of the smaller ones multiple times :wink:).  These figures do not include the regular phone calls, mini rape sessions or custom PPVs I sent him in the couple of months leading up to our planned rape.  For bonus humiliation, I made him call Me a couple days after the rape session to laugh at him about how much I took from him and how much harder I was going to rape him the next time. Now comes humiliation round three...I've given you all the juicy details in this post about his freaky armpit fetish, his multiple wallet rapes and his dildo ass training.  I've included a few of his custom rape prep pics for all of you to see...that he had to pay for.  In My private blog I've also included a snippet of one of the custom clips I sent him along with screenshots of his NF calls and paid mails that night. he also bought Me super sexy dress that I'll be posting pics of later this week. Call Princess Adrian for Fetish Phone Sex on Niteflirt Call Button 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0880454